FAQS (lawn sprinkler system installation)

Question:  Why should I choose Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler Corporation for my custom-designed, sprinkler system?

Answer:  We are a trustworthy, reliable, small business and have been since 1962.

  • Years of experience (since 1962) installing, maintaining, and servicing sprinkler systems
  • Professional designer and experienced crew
  • Licensed plumbers, insured, and bonded, CCCDI Certified to test and install R.P.Z.'s (Reduced Pressurized Backflow Devices)
  • Reliable service/maintenance
  • Commitment to our clients
  • Competent and courteous customer service

Question:  What is involved in getting an estimate for a lawn sprinkler system installation (or sprinkler system service)?

Answer:  We will need the following information from the Owner:

Legal name of Owner

Physical address of property (are you in a Subdivision?)

Billing address, if different than physical address

Contact telephone numbers

A meeting on-site, access to the water supply (usually in the basement), and access to the garage - usually (wherever a controller can be installed)

Any landscape drawings of your property, if applicable

Plat-of-Survey of the property

Please let us know how you heard about us

(Please specify if you are looking for an estimate in Kenosha, or to winterize sprinkler system in Kenosha)

Question: How much does a lawn sprinkler system cost?


Answer: Every system is custom-designed and a cost can only be determined after an on-site visit is done (and after permit costs are determined). 

Question:  Is a permit required for a lawn sprinkler system installation/addition?


Answer:  Most Ordinances do have permit fees and requirements that must be met, along with State Codes. These fees and requirements vary per Ordinance.

Question:  How does a lawn sprinkler system save me money?


Answer:  Having a regulated, automatic, watering schedule provides optimal watering for various applications throughout your landscape. (How many times have you left a hose unattended only to remember way too late..?)

Question:  Will you service my system after it is installed?


Answer: Yes, definitely! Upon request, we will do a spring service start-up, a fall service winterizing of the sprinkler system, or any other service/maintenance that is required or requested. 

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